Lauren Jones Photography​

+I was born in Manhattan, Kansas but grew up in Corpus Christi. 

+I graduated from A&M University in College Station. 

+Coffee is not just a drink but a lifestyle. It should be taken VERY seriously. 

+I was one of those wierd/ amazingly wonderful homeschooled kids

+When I'm not photographing weddings, or my own two beautiful daughters, I love capturing the stars! (literal stars, not the Hollywood kind).

+I am passionate about capturing genuine emotions in my photos. DON'T say cheese, just be yourself! 

+One day my passport will be filled with stamps from around the world. 

+My husband and I own all the Coffee Waves in Corpus Christi. (Told you coffee was a lifestyle). 

+I currently shoot with a Canon 6D and my favorite lens is a 35mm. 



+I was Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Except for the 4 years I spent in Abilene getting a degree from ACU.  

+I love traveling overseas and have been to Greece, Israel, Ecuador, along with Canada, Alaska, and many different places in Mexico. 

+My father and brothers are all photographers.

​+I was taught to look for beauty in the world at a young age by my Master Photographer Dad.  

+I love people, I love hearing their stories, I am passionate about freedom. 

+I would eat sushi everyday if I could.

+ I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and an array of lenses, my favorite being my 50mm. 

+I have an amazing husband who amongst his crazy busy work schedule, finds time to support me and help manage my business.

​+We have been happily married for 9 years now.

+ We have a 6 year daughter who is constantly cracking me up and happens to be the most beautiful thing on this planet. We also have a beautiful 8 month old son, who is absolutely amazing and is completely on the move now. 

+ Creativity is a key to a fulfilled life, I try to make each photo session better than the one before. Let's get creative together! 


Cora Johnson


Lauren Jones